A story that combines Action, Drama, HUMOR and superpowers!

The year 2195. This is where the young college student Duncan Evans realizes that he is farther away from home than he could have ever imagined. 178 years away, to be exact.

If that wasn’t enough, he quickly discovers that he has been granted a miraculous power to disappear and reappear somewhere else in a flash, which brings him to the attention of a cult of evil monks bent on using his abilities to change the course of mankind.


SHIFTED is a comic book series directed at teenagers and young adults. It is an intricately woven story, driven by a melting pot of fish-out-of-water characters and set in a distant and yet not so unfamiliar (to us) future. It is an action-packed, drama-infused and comedy-sprinkled epic adventure full of mystery, imagination and superpowers. 


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