Vasco Georgiev

my story

I have always wanted to be a comic book artist but instead I got a "real" job as an architect. The bad - it is not creative enough for my taste. The good - it is one of those jobs that can prepare you for almost anything in life. Communication? Deadlines? Graphic design? Easy as pie.

So, now I finally want to concentrate my passion and imagination into a project that I really care about and reflects all my ideas as a writer and artist.

What I do

Even though I am the writer of SHIFTED and I also do the art and lettering from start to finish, I consider myself an artist first and a writer second. I don't know if I am equally apt at line art and coloring, but I enjoy doing both of these things and hence I wouldn't shy away from either of the two if I had to work as part of a team. 

Whilst I do also enjoy writing, I'd have to say that I have never really shown an actual talent for it thus far. I haven't written anything else before SHIFTED, so I don't have much experience in either, but if for some weird reason you should want me to write a story for you, I won't say "no".

communication is key

Since I've been lucky enough to work and live in a couple of different European countries, and am enjoying quite the multicultural environment in general, there are multiple ways in which you can communicate with me, should you chose to do so. I am fluent in Bulgarian, English, German, and French. For whatever purpose you wish to contact me directly and instantly, just send an e-mail to:



Cover ART

coloring work


original story art

art based on sample script

Concept art