Vasco Georgiev

my story

I have always wanted to be a comic book artist but instead I got a "real" job as an architect. The bad - it is not creative enough for my taste. The good - it is one of those jobs that can prepare you for almost anything in life. Communication? Deadlines? Graphic design? Easy as pie.

So, now I finally want to concentrate my passion and imagination into a project that I really care about and reflects all my ideas as a writer and artist.

what I do

Even though I am the writer of SHIFTED and I also do the art and lettering from start to finish, I consider myself an artist first and a writer second. I don't know if I am equally apt at line art and coloring, but I enjoy doing both of these things and hence I wouldn't shy away from either of the two if I had to work as part of a team. 

my work

I started making comics in 2017. Here's what I have drawn and written since then:


  • SHIFTED - issues #1 and #2 (story, full art, and letters by Vasco Georgiev)


  • SHIFTED - issues #3-#5 (story, full art, and letters by Vasco Georgiev)
  • The Artist - short story (story, full art, and letters by Vasco Georgiev)
  • Murder Charge - short story as part of the horror anthology Monochrome Menace (story by Emmet O'Brien, line art and letters by Vasco Georgiev)
  • Tribute: The B.U.t14u7 1s (story and letters by Vito Delsante, full art by Vasco Georgiev)


  • ASTRO - a one-shot comic (story, line art, and letters by Vasco Georgiev)
  • The Six Million Dollar Man #5 - Cover art
  • Xena Warrior Princess #2, #5 & #6 - Line art
  • James Bond Origin #12 - Covert art

art and numbers

Even though I have only recently started drawing comics, I have been working hard every day, resulting in:

  • 142 pages of sequential art (full art)
  • 69 pages of black and white sequential art (line art)
  • 9 comic book covers
  • 34 fan art pin-ups

as well as a great number of concept art sketches, Inktober drawings etc.

communication is key

For whatever purpose you wish to contact me directly and instantly, just send an e-mail to:


original story art


Cover ART

coloring work